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Providing students with an innovative learning experience that couples a high-tech curriculum with hands-on learning, while preparing them for a successful and rewarding career.  


Are you interested in the 4T Academy West Virginia? We’re currently accepting applications for local high school students grades 11 – 12. Get started on your path to success today!

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A high-tech, hands-on learning experience!

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Get ready to do something big! This program combines hands-on learning and a cutting-edge curriculum all aimed at helping you figure out if manufacturing could be the right career path for you. Open to juniors and seniors, students will study a custom-tailored curriculum in the classroom and work alongside field experts to see first-hand what it’s like to be a part of the largest auto-manufacturer on the globe. And, seniors receive a paid internship! Click below to start your application now!

4TWV helps change potential into POWER!

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4T Academy West Virginia helps give students greater visibility to career options within the manufacturing sector and the region. Whether or not college is in the future, 4TWV gives students who thrive in a technical, hands-on environment an outstanding opportunity to learn and earn before graduation. Innovative programs like 4TWV are vital to the success of our students, community and future workforce.


While an average of 53% of high school graduates enroll in college, only 43% graduate. This innovative program will provide an opportunity for your student to figure out if manufacturing is a part of their future career while they’re in high school. The tailored curriculum, hands-on participation and paid internship opportunities, will help to prepare your student for some options that are close to home—whatever their post-graduation plans may be.

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The name 4T stands for Team, Teach, Together, and Toyota.

4T Academy West Virginia is a perfect option for students that are interested in expanding their skills in STEM. This program will give students the opportunity to learn the basic and technological skills needed for working in a manufacturing environment, from line workers to managers and engineers.  

The goal is to help connect upper-level students in high schools in the county with career opportunities in advanced manufacturing. By collaborating with local schools, we are creating a workforce solution—but, more importantly—providing greater visibility to student career options and pathways in the region.

The 4TWV curriculum includes classes on manufacturing, engineering, computer science, precision machining, Industrial automation & robotics, industrial maintenance and environmental sustainability. And as a part of the 4TWV program, students will also participate in hand-on job training at Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia.

Simply fill out and submit the application form linked below.

Juniors will receive credits at their home high school. All core subjects will be taken at the school. Juniors will be responsible for making up and missed work on Mondays when at the Toyota plant.


Seniors will take their core subjects through the Kanawha County Virtual School. Civics (History) can be contracted at Ben Franklin through the History Contract teacher.

Juniors will be at the plant all day on Mondays. Seniors will be at the plant all day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays their first semester and Tuesday through Friday all day their second semester.

Juniors spend their mornings at Ben Franklin in the manufacturing class (9am to 11am, M-F).


Seniors spend their afternoons at Ben Franklin in the manufacturing class (1pm to 3pm, M-F). Seniors may come to Ben Franklin in the morning to work on virtual and contract work.

Seniors will receive $16 an hour for second semester hours at the plant.

KCS will provide all transportation to Ben Franklin and to Toyota. Students can drive to Ben Franklin if they have transportation. Students are NOT allowed to drive to Toyota.

Once the program is successfully completed with good academic standing and good job performance standings at Toyota, students will be offered a full-time production position at Toyota.

Students will be offered the position as a Production Track Team Member. This position assembles engines and transmissions on the production lines.

No. Of course, the overall goal is for a student to obtain employment at the plant. However, students wanting to further their education through AMT and/or college can do so. There is no written contract that students must work at Toyota.

There is no cost to students.

The program is different in that 4T Academy focuses on production while AMT focuses on maintenance. 4T will be working with students to become production team members – assembling engines and transmissions on the production lines. The AMT program trains students to work in the maintenance department at Toyota – repairing, replacing, and troubleshooting equipment needed for production (i.e., Conveyor line repairs). AMT graduates must pass the maintenance test to be hired on full-time as a maintenance team member. To be a maintenance team member, students must take the AMT program at BridgeValley.

Nicole McCartney, Assistant Principal at Ben Franklin Career Center

304-766-0369; [email protected]


Jack Lyon, Manufacturing Instructor at Ben Franklin Career Center

304-766-0369, [email protected]


Deana Marcum, HR Manager at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, WV

[email protected]


Dr. Shawn Rivera, Group Leader Training and Development (4T Academy Instructor)

[email protected]